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Sell USA , UK FULLZ Fresh

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Dear members

here is my products :

complet fullz now

for example :

Bank Name :
Bank Account Number :
Bank Routing Number :
Mother Maiden Name :
Social Security Number :
Birth Day :
Birth Month :
Birth Year :
--Bank & Security Information--
Password :
First Name :
Middle Name :
Last Name :
Billing Address :
City :
State :
Zip Code :
Country : US
Phone Number :
--Credit Card Information--
Card Type : Credit
Name On Card :
Credit Card Number :
Exp. month :
Exp. Years :
CVV2 :
Pin Code :

1 fullz complet cost 20$ who need just pm me

minimum order : 20$
NOTE : majority of usa stuff and few uk..

How can u use my stuff?

1- do phone banking
2-do phone transfer
3-open bank account using this info
4-making fake id
5- you dont know balance
6- buy airplane ticket
7 - verified by visa

you can try to enroll my fulls and convert into cobs

COBS online access
1-change billing address and send to your drop
2- apply on the website for new credit card sent to your drop
3- setup billpay to your bank account so you can transfer to your bank account
4- apply for mortgage
5- know the balance

TLG @BlacktoolsShop
ICQ @758171356
WHATSAPP:  +1(559)409-6222

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