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Staff Applications Are Closed

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The Staff applications are Closed at this moment.

We need very active moderator or EU/USA time zone so get ready

Please fill the requirements.

1-You must have at least 1000 posts :[Yes I have,No i dont have]:
2-Do you have any scam report or flag reports : [Yes\No]:
2-Do you have warnings not expired : [Yes\No]:
4-We need only old members (6 months-up):
5-Can you stay very active daily in forums like 12 hours for only do staff job [Yes,No]:
6-What's your skills?:
7-Whats your rate about English level 1-10:
8- You are student or have job / business in real life : [Yes\No]:

Important Notice :
- staffs job is free job (not have salary) , we all do this job very hard because we love ATN and no about money , ATN is our home
-If you apply you agree to do (12 Hours) of staff job at all time we need very very active staff job.also we have not mixed times for staff job.
- You must do your staff job by PC/Laptop Only and no by mobile phone/tablet.
- You must be FREE not have another job in real life anything that will stop you from doing staff we don't need someone that is busy on other job /stuff.
-If you try to cheat in your staff job and being Fake active or being on mobile not doing your job we will know and you will be quickly demoted.
-Also about waste our time you maybe get ban or revoke to register user. Don't come to staff to waste time we take this serious and our time is nothing to play with.

Best regards,
ATN Team

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