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  1. Hey guys, welcome to the new forum! Today, I would like to share well known stockX carding method, i hope you guys enjoy it! Easy steps: Step 1. Get a few good CC's. Step 2. Make 2 new Airbnb accounts... 1 in the cw's name. And one in your name, or whoever is renting the Airbnb. Step 3. Get your socks5/vpn ready & connect to the cvv's city. Step 4. Sign into the account with the cvv on it and purchase $200 gift cards to send to your other account. You can do two a day, per account. After a couple days you can have a few thousand dollars in gift cards. Add them to your account and when you book, that balance is used for your payment. Don't use your ID for verification...use someone else's and once verification is finished, edit the account to be you.
  2. Hey guys, welcome to the new forum! Today, I would like to share well known stockX carding method, i hope you guys enjoy it! Easy steps: Step 1: Buy a stockx account login with visa debit card / Paypal attached (preferably from a rich zip code) Step 2: Make a fake email at fastmail.com with the account holder's name (ex: [email protected]) Step 3: Log into the stockx account and go to settings. Change the email to the fake one you just made ([email protected]) and change the username too. Step 4: Make sure you don't forget the login info to the email, you will send a password request there later. Step 5: Wait 24 HOURS after you change the email and username. I would be extra safe and wait 24 hours and 30 mins Step 6: Log into your same zip socks5 proxy (or within 10 miles of account holder zip). I use 911.re and clear your cookies and cache COMPLETELY with CCleaner Step 7: Log back into the account, if they noticed the info was changed you wont be able to log in, so try the next account. Step 8: Go ahead and order the pair you want, If the account holder usually spends $400 then buy $400-$500. Don't be crazy and buy $1000 worth of shoes on a $100 spent account. Stay under $500 if you want to be on the safe side. Step 9: At checkout put your drop address (DO NOT USE YOUR HOUSE) and order. Step 10: Change the password immediately so they cant cancel the order. Step 11: Wait for the seller to ship, then make sure the drop address isnt left on the account. Step 12: You're done. Wait for your order to arrive and enjoy your designer brands.
  3. Same username, love new forum style, good job guys
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