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  1. This is Part 1 : Okay so basically carding isnt easy , and you have not carded anything yet , the reason i know you have not carded anything yet is because you are at a carding forum (begginer stage) that shows up at top spot in the google search when you search for the keywords "carding forum" . so let me explain to you why i know for sure you have not carded anything yet this is why i said: "because you are at a carding forum (begginer stage) " FOCUS ON the parenthesis the BEGGINER STAGE to carding is from the point you first find out about carding to the point you card your first thing succesfully it took me 8 months to card a store succesfully and get the items sent to my drop address , and in these 8 months i spent probably 3000$ in cards and socks5 proxys and a vpn a good example i can explain to you why its better for you to find a tutor or a mentor or a teacher or whatever that teaches you how to card is this , when i was learning i had no one to teach me , and so carding is a process , and its a process where you find out about things in different stages , and so when i got to the stage where i had to buy a vpn , i actually payed 6 months of express vpn with my actuall credit card , the reason i payed for 6 months with my credit card was because i didn't know how to card , so i couldn't card the expressvpn website for a 6 month membership .... you understand this part? i was 2 months into learning how to card and learning about the set up and buying cards from the deepweb , and i still could not even card even express vpn for 6 months , so i had to pay like 80$ for a 6 month membership .... so part of this first lesson is to accept this fact , accept the fact that carding is not easy , and this is the hardest part because ALL OF US get into this because we think its easy money , which its not because of the (begginer stage) So when i teach people about carding i first teach them the mental aspect , you have to accept this fact . and an easy way i teach them once they accept that carding is not an easy thing to do and that it is a process , is the following way: so remember i said when i was 2 months in i learnt that i needed a vpn , and i had learned at this point that for sure i need a vpn to card , so i bought a vpn with my own credit card , because i could not card it myself? now if you fast forward to what i know in the moment i can tell you that you can buy a 1 year membership for a vpn for $3 or $7 , super cheap , and that is through hacked vpn accounts and one day in my process i found this website : bitcointalk.org and in this website they sell hacked vpn and other accounts for super cheap , but my focus in on carding , so i went with a vpn for $3 i just did a quick search right now and i found this person selling a year membership for $3 o $7 Bulk sale 1 year plan [Nord VPN] 3 Months plan [Bulk Sale] (bitcointalk.org) you understand what im saying? so this is the first lesson : Carding isn't easy it is hard as fuck man seriously , and the worst part is that when you are starting off you think its easy , and then you realize its not because you are not making money off of this easy thing you thought it was , and its frustrating because their is no possible way for you to know what you are doing wrong , because when you try ordering something and you get a decline , you just get a message " your payment has been declined " , and it doesn't tell you why ...... so i guess this was the first lesson , go to my second lesson , then the third if you really really want to learn how to card , you have to get the mentality first , you have to drop the easy money mentality , this is not easy , and you have to look at this kind of like studying in college , kind of like a career ... if you really want to learn keep reading my lessons , it will all make sense trust me , i can easily copy and paste a carding guide and give you this , but it won't work , you need to understand why its hard , because if not you are just on your own man , and the drop out rate of this is soooo big , seriously i spent $3000 or more in a 8 month period , always getting declines and not knowing why . so if you realy want to learn this and make this part of your life , keep reading the lessons , if you read them all you will understand and i can give you lessons on how to actually card something , if you want to ask me questions or have any doubts i will easily explain to you what you need to know so you can be sure for me to teach you. you won't lose anything , just try it out and see what happens , you need good guidance , because of covid i can be able to chat with you and easily explain what you need to know you can message me at This is Part 2 : Okay so in this part im going to focus on the Entry point to carding .... this is where and when you found out this thing existed . so i will tell you my expereince because their is 2 different entry points 1. the deepweb markets 2.carding forums the way i found out about carding was when i found out the deepweb existed and that in the deepweb they sell drugs , so i went to the deepweb markets to find drugs , and out of pure curiosity i found people selling credit cards , and then i said " holy shit " this is for me , and i literally put all my focus onto this from that moment on . like you who is reading this has done . i know for a fact you have put all your focus onto this once you have discovered carding exists , because we are alllll the same , everysingle one of us who get into carding have the same qualitys . we want easy money , don't want to work minimum wage , and we probably do drugs ... so when i saw this seller at a deepweb market selling credit cards i found direction ,something i never had , i hate working for other people knowing that i smoke meth and that i go 5 days without sleeping then i sleep 2 days , and then i go 4 days without sleeping and sleep 2 days , so knowing that i will be kicked out of the job ... so this was my mentality when i saw all these listings for credit cards this is my experience , every experience is different but we are all the same , so the entry point to carding is the deepweb markets , and the carding forums ... you will first find out about carding , then do a little investigation , then you will go buy a credit card ,...... so then is the big question ... who do i buy from? and you will investigate and blah blah blah now this is super important for you to understand , you have to open your mind , and listen to what i am about to say IN THE DEEPWEB MARKETS YOU WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER BUY A GOOD CREDIT CARD ever ever ever these are the entry point to carding , this is where all the scams happen , the easiest way i can make you understand this is for you to go here Darknetlive - Darknet Market News, Links, and Guides and now read all the articles , and see the pattern .... then think what is missing ..... they all have to do with drug busts , and not 1 article on a credit card vendor being caught , or someone selling bank info so why is their no article for someone being caught selling credit card info? this is because no vendors sell real card information , its all made up , and the worst part is that the person buying the card will never know because they will get a decline and (depending on what stage they are in) they will think it is becaue they messed up , and this all has to do with the stage they are on , so if they know about vpn and socks5 connections and cookies and cc cleaner , then they will think they made an error in this , and it is not the card . same goes with the carding forums that are googable , so this means so these 2 things being part of the entry point to carding 1. deepweb markets 2.carding forums you have to see it kind of like a borderline of a country , and this borderline is what is stopping you from entering this is the biggest part to get past , it took me a lot of trial and error , when i was learning it was the time of ggmccloud1 this big cc seller , and he did a lot of marketing to his name , and i would buy cards from him , thinking they were good , so say i bought 5 , i thought all 5 were good worrking cards , but then later i found out they were not , and i lost atleast $2500 of my $3000 i invested in learning to card in this , so this is very important to understand , and not just to understand but to believe , because once you believe this you will never buy cc' from deepweb market and carding forums .. try reading these lessons from the first to last , you will undertand what i am saying to you because i went through these stages and i can connect to you through this way its a lot easier for me to explain to you in person , send me a message okay so in the first lesson we learnt about that carding is hard , thats its not easy .... in the second part we can now understand the entry points and how they all sell fake stuff . remember you have to believe this stuff , if you dont believe it you will go back into the searching for things in these 2 entry points .... and you will always get scammed , every time you will get scammed when trying to buy a cc or bank info or whatever from these 2 entry points .... to understand this lesson you have to understand this fact , you have to understand that in deepweb markets and in carding forums everything is fake . the reason you need to understand this is because to become a carder you need to focus on carding i repeat this because it is super important YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON CARDING and not FOCUSING ON METHODS because YOU NEED TO LEARN TO CARD FIRST before you can DO METHODS the reason people focus on carding methods and spend money on carding methods is because they really believe they can make easy money , but if you have read from the first lesson , you will understand that this is not easy , and so then you should not focus on carding methods .... and then if you have read the second lesson you will belive that in deepweb markets and carding forums they sell bunk stuff , and this does not only go for credit cards , this goes for methods , because all methods sell you something , at some point they will try to sell you something . nothing on the internet especially in carding is made for a free reason , so in the carding forums people posting methods will try to sell you on something .... if you realy realy want to card , and make this a part of your life you have to start from the beggining , from the lowest point , you have to accept this fact when i say carding i mean going out with the intention to card a merchant shop , a merchant shop is any website that sells a product So this was the the third lesson , basically you need to set your mind on carding a shop , in doing this you will need to learn about the set up / vpn / socks 5 proxy / where to buy cards / how to find websites and how to card these websites all of this i can teach you , if you have any doubts or questions just send me a message , im stuck in my house because of covid , so ill be here to help you out . just message me telegram : kfcnapk1ns icq : kfcnapk1ns
  2. Welcome to Altenen - Trust and Safety. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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